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iNstinct Features

It’s time to warm up your mentalism readings with iNstinct! This application will allow you to achieve mind bending reveals that were previously impossible!

The app is compatible with iPhone & Android phones.

Please note: iNsintct is a web app and is not available on the App Store or the Google Store. If you’re interested, send me message and I’ll send you a purchase link.

The application is composed of three main features:

1. A Keypad Force

Force any number you want by asking a spectator to type in random digits into your phone’s keypad. You can use this feature to force phone numbers, page numbers, playing card numbers or anything else.

If you’re forcing a phone number, you can also use the keypad to call the force number. The call will automatically be processed by your native phone app.

This feature is compatible with both iPhone’s and Android’s. However, please note that the Android interface is “generic”. This means it might not match your phone perfectly!

2. A Name, Phone & Email Peek

In the action of performing a trick on your spectators phone, you can peek at their first name, last name, phone number and email. Below is a screenshot of the peek that will appear on your phone.

iNstinct Peek Page

The information can then be revealed using your favorite mentalism method. Your imagination is your own limit.

The peek automatically sets you up for the keypad force mentioned previously. With no additional setup, you can force and call the spectator’s number from the keypad.

Please note: while the peek method is reliable, it isn’t 100% sure fire. It will have some variations. However, the construction of the effect means you never never leaves you with

3. A Book Test

Get a spectator to think of any random word, name, date or place on a webpage. You can then easily reveal what they are thinking of.

Simply borrow a spectators phone, bring them to a web page and have them think of any random word. With minimal memory work you can then reveal the word they are thinking of.

Want To Learn More?

If this introduction has made your curious, or interested in buying the app, send me a message!